Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Get Started

1. Join the DNAAdoption Google Group. Our group is extremely active with experts in all areas of DNA and searching. Post in the group to get details specifically tailored to your situation that will help you get started.

2. Go the the Get Started page and follow the process.

3. Have you or are you working with anyone else to help them find your families?  Occasionally we find that some folks are already working with search angels or paid searchers. Please let us know up front to prevent duplication of effort and to be fair to everyone searching.

What DNA Test should I take?

Go to Take a DNA Test under the Get Started menu.

I just got my DNA test results back. What am I supposed to do next?

Go to Learn about DNA and Genealogy in the Get Started menu.

What is "The Methodology"

The Methodology is the basic process used to conduct a DNA search. It was defined and developed by Gaye Tannenbaum, Diane Harmon-Hoog, and Karin Corbiel.

  1. Cluster your matches into four (4) groups (New step)
  2. Find your closest match
  3. Use Triangulation to find the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) you share with the closest match and their shared / ICW matches and cluster. Build your match’s trees “back” when needed
  4. Build the MRCA’s tree “forward” into the present
  5. Repeat for more matches
  6. Determine where the descendants of the different MRCAs connect
  7. Identify a candidate using a combination of DNA pointers, official information, and other data.