Intro and Applied Classes

All students should self register on DNAAdoption’s course site. The small fee for courses is payable during the enrollment process and used solely to support the course registration server, development expenses, and website hosting costs.

New users can create a new account which will result in sending you an e-mail (to the address you provide in the form) that contains a verification link. Clicking that link completes the registration process and logs you into the site.

After logging in, select the desired course (abstracts below). Once enrolled you will receive a reminder email within a few days before the class starts with additional instructions.

We want all students to be able to better understand their results, and do have a hardship policy. If you cannot afford our classes but desire to learn more, please contact us.

DNAAdoption classes FAQ

Intro to DNA (101) beginning June 21, 2019 for two weeks ($29)
This class is designed to give you basic information about: Working with Google and Yahoo Groups mailing lists, Getting your Non ID (for adoptees only), a basic idea of DNA, identifying your relationship to your matches, DNA tests, transferring your data, building a tree, using trees to search for your missing ancestor, internet resources, basic DNA tools, spreadsheet basics, and tips on ,essaging your matches to get a higher response rate. If you are an adoptee or new to DNA and genealogy or you just tested and have no idea what you are looking at, this class is for you.
Applied Autosomal DNA (201) beginning July 5, 2019 for four weeks ($49)

This class (formerly The Basics of Autosomal DNA) covers working with your FTDNA Family Finder, 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage information. It explains pedigree and segment triangulation, how to build trees, and using Gedmatch and GWorks. Ensure you have uploaded your raw data from either FTDNA, 23andMe, AncestryDNA, My Heritage, or LivingDNA to GEDmatch a few days before class starts. 

We highly recommend that anyone taking this class have completed the Into to DNA (101) class and know the basics of Excel and working with computers and files. Knowing how to download materials from this class, how to save and rename files, how to set up folders in directories, and how to work with *.zip files is essential, as this is not a course in basic computer skills.

Note: Those with endogomous heritage (Ashkenazi Jews, Brethren, Menonites, and Amish, French Acadian, etc) will require workarounds that we may or may not be able to provide. While we continue to refine our approach, analyses and assignments from the lessons may not be workable for those with such heritage. We suggest that those with endogomous heritage consider identifying a non-endogomous line as a backup that can be used to complete the class if your endogomous line(s) prove to be too difficult at present.

Applied Autosomal DNA Syllabus

Y-DNA Basics beginning August 2, 2019 for three weeks ($39)

This class will introduce you to Y-DNA and how it is used in genealogy. This self-paced three-week course will show you how to find other people who shared an ancestor on your (or another relative’s) paternal line. It will introduce you to the results and tools that allow you to analyze your Y-DNA.

The curriculum is based upon the Y-DNA testing at FamilyTreeDNA. If you have tested else where, please ask about this before enrolling.

Y-DNA Basics Syllabus